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Please read carefully
 This contains EVERYTHING you need to know! 


When is class?

Class will start on Wednesday 17th January @ 8pm..

As beginners you will receive 5 WEEKS FOR THE PRICE OF 4!!!  

All classes are held in “The Hive Paisley” 🐝❤️   

Booking & Cost

Each level is taught over a 4 week block (you get 5 in this block) with class being 1 hour 15min and costs £45 for the block broken into, warm up, tricks, routine


Spaces are limited and on a first come first served basis and go FAST.. (Spaces cannot be reserved without payment) 

As soon as your fees are paid you will receive confirmation of your place (bare in mind I may be in class and will shout you as soon as I get a second) 


**you are only committing to 4 weeks at time, you can decide on week 4 if you want to progress so theres no commitment, no pressure ;-) 


What to wear… 👚

The girls wear trackies, trainers and vest tops but you need shorts underneath,SHORTS ARE 100% A NECESSITY this is non negotiable,…  you need skin to grip the pole, fabric is impossible and would lead to you being unable to take part 😱 


The Vibe ❤️

its an amazing class, i know you could think it’s an intimidating class to come to but its really nothing like that at all… there are ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds.. there’s a real “in it together” vibe and I personally want nothing more than to help you progress and feel amazing about yourself 

Theres nothing to worry about.. promise, once you are in the door its VERY relaxed and you’ll have the best time.. you are absolutely gonna get things wrong, that’s how we learn so please don’t think you are coming along to a class with experienced pole dancers ❤️  you’re  all in the same boat, learning together! 


Your goals & expectations *important

Is it tough?? Absolutely.. 


This beginners block of classes will teach you everything you need to know to give you solid base to build on as you progress from trick to trick. You will learn how to walk, grip the pole, lift and spin safely.


please keep in mind you are lifting your body weight, everyone is different with varying strengths and weaknesses,  it may take time to build up that strength.. have reasonable expectations, do not put pressure on yourself or beat yourself up expecting to be J Lo by the end of your first class 😉😘


If you have any questions not covered in the info above (double check 🤣 I’ve really covered everything)  please give me a shout!! 

**please only book if you intend on coming along, 

the spaces are generally in high demand,

Class is now fully booked..
Join the waiting list 

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