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Why Join The Hive?

We Are Different 🐝
The hive is for all of you ladies who don't necessarily feel comfortable in a gym environment, for those of us who are maybe a little self conscious..
This year has taught us lots but one of the big take aways has to be the huge importance that our physical and mental health has on our longterm goals... i'm talking the day to day stuff, your general fitness and mobility.. COMMIT to 1 class a day and before you know it you'll feel fitter, healthier and happier! 
The Hive is about building these components up.. I regularly receive messages from girls interested, but more concerned that they are not fit enough to start.. The Hive exists to give you a comfortable setting to start your journey..
Our motto "Bee Yourself" explains all you need to know. 
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With many years of experience in the fitness industry I was aware of how many people were missing out on a fitter lifestyle because they didn't feel comfortable in a gym scenario.. that gave me the dream of opening The Hive. My Passion is to make you feel comfortable and safe during your workout and also to make it fun.. then you'll want to come back time and again and get the buzz that the hive leaves you feeling. 
Whatever style of workout you're after.. we have something to suit



Feeling fitter, Moving better, and recognising your own individual potential to get the most out of life is one of my main fitness goals. 

Having worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years in many different capacities I have really seen and done it all, and to fully bring out the best in people it’s all about the environment, and that place for me is the Hive!

There is exercise out there for everyone and I make it my aim to help everyone achieve their personal best. 


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Our Address:

40 Greenlaw industrial estate

Wallneuk road 




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